Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How Facebook can drive in-store and online sales

Being one of the biggest and most used social media network platforms in the world, Facebook has made an impact on almost everything from businesses to industries etc. Apart from all the other interactions for which most of the generation uses Facebook for, FB is a very powerful tool for business owners running and operating small and medium and large scale businesses. The human psyche of a small business owner believes that by simply creating a Facebook Page, thousands of people will magically ‘Like’ their page and buys their products and services. However, this is not a piece of cake. Your audience and customer base will not grow unless it is cultivated properly.
There are many ways to strengthen your position and make either a small or a medium scale business flourish through Facebook as well.

1.     Your target audience should be defined

Target audience must be defined and precise. The page should be targeted to people on the basis of their interests, hobbies and location. Moreover, the targeting tool allows the users to reach a dedicated audience.

2.     Track the performance of every posts and pictures

If one of your posts is collecting a lot of organic ‘Likes’ within your community devote some advertising dollars to giving it a boost. Boosted Posts stay in users’ News Feeds longer and are shared with your audience’s like-minded friends.

3.     Provide value

The Facebook page must not be only used to sell products only but engaging with fans and people will make it more useful within the community.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Facebook Launches Search Engine

Facebook’s product has made headlines. But the news did not surprise those who had been able to read between the lines when the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg referred to it at TechDisrupt 2012, while also discussing the company’s plans to go mobile and focus on monetization.
Graph Search is currently being tested in beta within the US. Users can access it by adding themselves to the waiting list, after which the new search box will replace the present. The way it works is users log in to their Facebook Timeline and type whatever they wish to search for. Unlike web search, which requires typing keywords, users can type in complete/incomplete phrases based on four distinct categories. These are: people, places, photos and interests. The search offers suggestions for users as an alternative. The quality of results is derived from the user’s intra network and is based on:  i) the frequency of user activity within the network and ii) the quantity of users within one’s own network. To sum it up, the user has to be highly active on the social front.
Where the results are insufficient, the search switches to web search engine Bing, courtesy Microsoft, which is incidentally, Facebook’s partner. Aware of intense competition, mainly from Microsoft and Google, Facebook has expressed their intention being not as much as to compete as it is to offer ‘something new’. On Facebook, it is limited within the user’s network.
From the business aspect, critics believe the ‘new’ product is less beneficial for users than it is for advertisers, who will be able to target specific customers based on their search data.  This is true to an extent and marketers are bound to make hay. But Facebook has also reaffirmed their commitment to their mission by helping users form new connections, while maintaining their privacy. Except this very commitment may narrow search scope, which makes the data of 1 billion + users inaccessible to all. By contrast, search results on Google are produced from anonymous sources, which make for a much larger compass. Whereas Google has been around longer and is now focusing on bringing automated ‘push’ results rather than relying on human effort.
So far, the network appears prepared for the bout of criticism and has therefore been quick to admit product limitations. Whether they will overcome them ‘over time,’ remains to be seen. But there is no doubt Graph Search adds another interesting dimension to the platform, one that the company hopes will incentivize companies and Facebook App Developers to invest further. If things go as planned, the search engine may just become big, maybe even bigger than its competition.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Enjoy Exciting Features of FB Timeline App

These days, everyone has seen that technical advancement has increases the development in the field of information technology all more the globe. IT field has emerged when a key domain and start expanding with the increasing use of internet. If we see the current scenario, then the site that ever more draws the interest of people is Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg. This social networking site has unique and attracting features that act as key factors to get fantastic response from the users. Due to the advance features, this social networking site has become an addiction for the users and keeps attractive more people to its network.
Apart from this, the Facebook has freshly introduced a Timeline Application for the profiles. The Timeline is an attractive feature added to the Facebook profile, which helps users to share extra information on their profile page. The Facebook Timeline Application allows you to show your entire friend list on your profile page. Timeline application also provides you facility to set any of your pictures as a cover photo, which is different from your profile picture.
In reality, lots of people enjoy the timeline application as it helps them to identify when they show on the Facebook, their current activities and their activities that have sorted by the years. The Facebook Timeline Covers also control the list of freshly added friends and photo albums, which help user to share added information about them on their profile page.
Other than this, the internet marketers and social media professionals have regularly used Facebook timeline application presently to publicize their products and services over network. The latest Facebook cover photos and other timeline features help internet marketers to convert their profile page and in turn help in promoting their business well. They use Facebook cover photos to display the latest logo and event dates of the company. With an advance feature of adding music to the Facebook profile, helps marketers to upload their audio advertise on their profile page. Different companies and business owners got huge profit with the use of latest and advanced Facebook timeline application.
So obtain ready to start Timeline Application on your Facebook profile and take benefit from its advanced and improved features.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Start Facebook Game Apps Development (Start Apress)

Today’s Facebook is budding to develop into tomorrow’s operating organization, according to some. Positively, a WebOS. Web standards-based apps using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 added are now possible on Facebook. Why not get in progress with developing and selling Facebook Game Apps on Facebook’s App Store?
Opening Facebook Game Apps Development gets you started with building your first game apps that run on Facebook. Develop into your own “Zynga” and create your own “Civilization” or “Farmville” and other. Build rich Web-based apps that you know how to sell on Facebook’s App Store.
As these apps are built on Web standards, you can build and run on many browsers and—more fascinatingly—other computers, tablets, smart phones and even other devices and appliances that are Web-connected or enabled.
What you’ll find out Build your first Facebook game apps! What HTML5 and JavaScript techniques, tools and frameworks have to suggest to do this improve your first Facebook game app with social media, location-based services, etc. Get a basic framework for a Facebook game app that you can build upon and make to order for your own specific app design and development requirements Package, deploy and sell your first Facebook game app on Facebook’s new App Store. This book is for those new to Facebook Apps Development and still for those fresh to Apps Development. Readers should have some basic understanding of HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and PHP.
For the newest source code, please confirm out the book site on GitHub.
Table of Contents Your First Steps in Facebook Development A JavaScript Boot site It’s All About framework: Canvas Basics The Plan: Idea to Design Essential Game works Your First Game: “Alien Turtle Invasion” Leaving Social With Games Introducing the Facebook Platform FacebookDeveloper Tools Initiation Your Games Your First Facebook Game: “Social Alien Turtle Invasion” HTML5 Game Engines use All the Tools: Your Future Facebook Games The Marketplace: Development Simple (Facebook App Store)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brands Get Full Benefit of Expert Custom FB App Development Services

For some type of service provided, interest is something that clients hope to achieve so that they can benefit from the best plane of service. Thanks to Custom Facebook Application Development, this is a exact possibility for clients, as they are currently able to gain from the great variety that  Facebook Developers offer.
With the course of time, companies that have operated in the 
facebook app development industry have been attractive more and more particular. This is due to nothing extra than their urgency and diligence. During the course of this attempt, experience is bound to teach one expensive lessons. Additionally, one’s knowledge curve tends to develop over a relatively short distance of time. This is basically due to the verity that there are many changes occurring in the Facebook App Development industry, and one needs to change quickly to them.
An constant practice of this kind leads one to be alert regularly and agile so that the changes can be accommodated. This means that when developers develop any project, they really need to keep in mind that their work must be planned in such a way that making adjustments would not be a aggravate. With
Custom Facebook ApplicationDevelopment too, this is a fixed practice; clients may need to make change to what they design, and leaving room for accepting changes made at an advanced stage of development can be immensely advantageous.
With customized services that leave room for adjustment in design at last stages, clients feel totally private. This location has resulted in an important level of confidence in F
acebook Development, as clients know that they are placed at a great advantage. With Custom Facebook Application Development now person a well known service, consumers have proposed a wide variety of designs that have helped to change this industry extra. The newer proposals in design have compelled developers to think more about the different kinds of solutions they can provide. Being able to fulfill more advanced or flexible apps has been a more encouragement that has driven things further.